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More Tips for the Traveling Musician

A few months back, we wrote of the challenges of traveling with a musical instrument. Since then, we received a request to publish a guest blog post, which, as you may imagine, had a commercial motivation: you see, the Flight Case Company, an English enterprise, makes bespoke musical equipment cases. allen_heath_xone_42_xone_62_and_xone_92_mixer_flight_case_1_2_1While I cannot personally vouch for the quality or suitability of these cases, they sure look top notch. And their blogger provided this really cool infographic of the Ultimate List of Tips for Travelling [sic – they’re English] Musicians.

Here’s their pitch: “Forget the stress of flying long hours with your whole crew and luggage, you also have to make sure that your priceless musical instrument makes the journey safe and sound. Well, here is some good news for you! The Flight Case Company has an entire line of bespoke equipment cases that has been built just for musicians. So whether it is a simple guitar case that you need or a Mackie DL 1608 Digital iPad Mixer flight case, they’ve got just what you’ve been looking for. Check it out!”

I considered demanding one of these bespoke travel cases for my D-28, as quid pro quo for this shout-out. Ah, bloody commerce.