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file000123053959Authors now have more options than ever to publish their works, ranging from self-publishing, through the hybrid “pay-to-play” publishers, to traditional publishing houses. So, what are the Pros and Cons of each?

Self-publishing. With online publishing, it’s now simple to publish your own book. Among the Pros of self-publishing:

  • The sale price, the cover art and the content are up to you.
  • You control the number of books printed, so there are fewer returns – you can print on demand.
  • You can alter your manuscript and reprint it, anytime you want. Did you find a typo when you were glancing through (for the 200th time)? Make the change and print it correctly for the next sale.
  • Your net financial return is greater on each sale. Of course, you will have printing and shipping costs and marketing/promo expenses, but after you pay these, the rest of the money is yours.
  • You get paid more frequently, maybe even monthly from sellers like Amazon.

Of course, the world of self-publishing is not all sweetness and light. Here are some of the Cons: Continue reading