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treble staffI’ve been on Blog Sabbatical for a few months, but I’m back and jazzed to talk about that Stairway to Heaven copyright infringement lawsuit.

You remember, Randy (“California”) Wolfe’s trustee sued Led Zeppelin, claiming Zep copped the intro section of Stairway from the song Taurus, performed by Spirit. Things have been moving right along.

When we last checked in on the case, the trial judge, Hon. Juan R. Sánchez, had permitted venue to remain in Pennsylvania. But in May 2015, Judge Sánchez entered a final order on defendants’ motion to transfer venue, and found that the individual defendants (Messrs. Plant, Page and Jones) lacked sufficient minimum contacts with Pennsylvania to justify retaining venue. Judge Sánchez transferred the case to the Central District of California.

The parties skirmished back and forth through the discovery phase. On February 25, 2016, the Led Zeppelin defendants fired off a motion for partial summary judgment. The memorandum in support of the motion sets forth some pretty persuasive arguments for granting summary judgment in their favor. WARNING: REVIEW OF DENSE LEGAL THEORIES FOLLOWS. BUT IT’S STILL INTERESTING. Continue reading

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guitar boyYou’ll recall that the estate of Randy California (né Randy Craig Wolfe, guitarist and songwriter from the 70’s art-rock band, Spirit) has sued Led Zeppelin in Pennsylvania, claiming that Zeppelin copped the opening guitar riff and chord progression from Wolfe’s song, Taurus, to create perhaps the most iconic of all rock songs, Stairway to Heaven. Why sue in Pennsylvania, you may ask?

That’s also the question that Led Zeppelin asked district judge Juan Sanchez. Zep’s first response out of the gate was to move to dismiss the suit, or at a minimum to transfer the venue to the Central District of California – by consent of the defendants  – where at least one of the defendants (Warner Music Group Corp.) resides. Led Zeppelin, the band, as well as the individual members of the group, is represented by Helene Freeman, of NYC’s venerable Phillips Nizer, and local counsel, Michael Eidel of Fox Rothschild. Continue reading