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man_in_the_hat_202625-edit-300x199Your artist career is getting traction – you’re doing more shows, you’re recording strong material, people want to work with you. And now you’ve been offered a management contract. Should you sign it? This question comes at us several times a month.

This may be the most momentous decision a budding artist makes. Get the right manager and sign the right management deal, and the future is bright; but make the wrong decision and you may have handcuffed your career and thrown away the key. So what should you be looking for?

First, regardless of any deal points, you must be comfortable working with and have confidence in your manager. What is the manager’s track record? Has s/he worked with other (successful) artists? What’s her/his communication style, screamer or persuader? You will be working closely with this person, perhaps for many years, so it’s important that the relationship be a good ‘fit.’ Spend some time in person or in conversation and get a feel for the manager’s style and how s/he plans to promote your career. Continue reading